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Synonyms for cartoon

Synonyms for cartoon

a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine

a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence

draw cartoons of

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And it also sounds like I don't like cartoonish people.
It takes a fairly dark premise -- four friends from high school, all having utterly betrayed the promise they once held, are reunited nearly 20 years after graduating -- and almost immediately turns it into something stupid and cartoonish.
A quirky, acrobatic, almost cartoonish portrayal of a push-pull romantic relationship--in which the woman wears a short red dress and clunky Doe Martens boots--Gimme's theatrical gimmick involves a length of rope that often tethers the woman to her partner.
The full-color art is cartoonish, but lovingly detailed; Sfar does an excellent job of populating her world with a variety of bizarre, outlandish creatures such as golems, mandragoras, tree-men, ghosts, shades, goat-creatures, witches and putty monsters.
In a side gallery, the artist presented Kamikaze, 2005, a post-and-lintel balance beam painted in cartoonish woodgrain, and topped by models of the severed front quarters of two miniature horses (each consisting of two legs, a neck, and a chest, with no head and no behind).
Instead of the sexually carefree vibe of disco, radio and pop culture were quickly saturated by the harsh macho swagger of punk and the sometimes cartoonish pogo-bounce of New Wave, two movements that were decidedly hetero in demeanor at frost.
But each weekend's movie is cartoonish with special effects and product tie-ins, from big-gulp cups to happy-meal action figures.
based production company will be making more than just a cartoonish TV reality show.
A large appliqued and embroidered blanket (Fuck Fuck Fuck You [all works 2005]), for instance, appeared nearly devoid of content, though on closer inspection it bore an image of the rearing pelvis of a woman, legs spread and surrounded by a school of cartoonish sperm.
A quartet for Fucik, Jaworski, Kent, and Macavinta, Humours delves into the four temperaments--sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic--but it does little more than to restage them on the dancers' bodies in broad, cartoonish strokes.
Dunye probably intended Brownie to be menacing, but she just comes off as cartoonish.
In a nutshell: NASCAR comedy finds the sweet spot between cartoonish silliness and racing culture send-up.
But for all Friedman's celebrated prestidigitations, there has always been another, rather cartoonish aspect to his practice.
Bialystock is a cartoonish, roly-poly, middle-aged vulgarian who gets the dough to mount his crummy shows (like The Breaking Wind and a musical based on Hamlet called Funny Boy) by porking rich little old ladies, whom he distinguishes by nicknames such as "Hold-me-Touch-me" and "Yank-me-Spank-me.