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Synonyms for cartoon

Synonyms for cartoon

a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine

a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence

draw cartoons of

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Ask students to draw up lists of three to five issues that they would not want to see made the topic of a political cartoon.
We want our audience to have a holistic and unique experience that remains true to Cartoon Network's DNA on every device," said Chris Waldron, vice president, Cartoon Network Digital.
Irony (the contrast between what is expected and what is actually happening) is often what makes a cartoon funny.
Last month, Dutch prosecutors ordered the league to remove the cartoon from its website or face prosecution.
As the film opens, we follow seventh-grader Jimmy (Dominic James) through his day -- his father (Bill Dwyer) is an idiot who brays and spits out his sugar-laced cereal while watching cartoons in his underwear (he's also the principal at Jimmy's school).
Dave Weatherall, national bureau chief for the Canadian University Press, called for "more ethical publishing decisions," while the University of Prince Edward Island, supported by the UPEI Students' Union, ordered the campus student newspaper, The Cadre, not to distribute the particular issue containing the cartoons.
He published the unflattering cartoons depicting Mohammed in September, supposedly because Danish artists were terrified of illustrating a children's biography of Mohammed.
His resin sculptures are the carved heroes from his cartoon world, their style recalling the seats and tables from the milk bar of Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971).
The addition of a multi-level, world-class Cartoon Museum, in combination with our legendary rooftop Observatory, further enhances our stature as the city's preeminent tourist attraction for visitors of all ages.
My cartoon site with Slate is wildly popular, with literally millions of visitors each month.
The block includes such off-kilter postmodern cartoons as "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," a send-up of classic action-hero shows starring a life-sized talking milkshake prone to such bizarrely ill-informed pronouncements as "plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes"; "Sealab 2021," a workplace comedy where nobody can ever leave the underwater office; "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law," a "Perry Mason"-like spoof in which a winged superhero with a law degree defends famous cartoon figures accused of various crimes; and "Home Movies," a show about a single mom, her moviemaking son, and his alcoholic soccer coach, all united in their mutually amiable incompetence.
A teacher tears an interesting editorial cartoon out of the morning paper and uses it to spark a classroom discussion.
Cartoonist Dan Perkins, better known as Tom Tomorrow, has been drawing his weekly "This Modern World" cartoon strip for nearly twenty years.
com/aaec, is a more formal site, with cartoon news and history, member homepages, and online member portfolios.
The pricked cartoon is then placed on top of a new sheet, prepared panel, or wall, and a small pouch filled with powdered colored chalk or charcoal is patted or "pounced" over the holes, leaving a trail of dots on the prepared surface beneath.