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Synonyms for carton

Synonyms for carton

the quantity contained in a carton


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a box made of cardboard

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Previously, the best available solution for recycling used cartons was to export them to Europe.
He says, "In order to effectively produce folding cartons inline, a press needs to be equipped with increased tension capabilities to acconunodate thicker substrates, .
The acquisition will allow Glossop Cartons to enjoy improved transport links and benefit from much larger premises with a superior layout.
Given the importance of on-package logo use, Evergreen developed and implemented a recycle logo tracking system for the cartons they produce.
8220;Receiving the AIB recognition is a great accomplishment and reflection of our facility and its operations,” said John Inwood, President and 4th Generation of Calumet Carton Company.
The polythene and aluminium which also form part of the cartons will be separated as part of the recycling system and stored while different approaches to recycling and recovering them are assessed.
Our cartons feature TruTaste[R] barrier board that keeps oxygen out, taste and vitamins in.
Cartons are fully recyclable with collection facilities now available in 87% of local authority areas in the UK.
A: The primary ingredient in all cartons is wood--one of the most renewable resources on earth
En effet, la FIFA sanctionne les equipes ayant recu au moins 5 cartons jaunes au cours d'un seul match.
The Vale council has joined forces with carton-maker Tetra Pak to launch a competition to challenge residents to come up with the most original way of squashing their empty cartons.
BASED OCEAN MIST FARMS is moving towards replacing the waxed cartons used for its artichokes and other fresh vegetables with new waxless cartons.
To provide a controlled carton turn without a change in direction, the turning bed features "pop-up" turning bars that capture the cartons and guide them through a 90[degrees] turn and into the charlotte closing section.
Tynedale Council hopes its Tetra Pak recycling scheme will see thousands of juice cartons placed in new bins at sites throughout the district.