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the making of maps and charts

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It covers a period which witnessed the transition of cartography into the digital age and that led to the current revival of the discipline in the broader public perception.
51 Motion Graphics, #70 The Grid) entries into my advanced course on graphic design in cartography.
Applicants for professional posts as cartographers usually have degrees in cartography, geography, geomatics or related subjects; applicants who have relevant postgraduate qualifications would also be considered.
Turning now to Smith's chapters on drama, I believe one of the author's more ambitious arguments is his first chapter, where he backdates the origins of the "new" cartography from roughly midway through the sixteenth century to the later fifteenth century.
It is helpful, then, in understanding this book and its earlier variant to have some idea of the longer-run history of cartography with which Jacob engages and in which his work fits.
Name: Cadastral Ownership Registry (CORe) Cartography and Records Division Washington County, Oregon
Collectors and historians interested in cartography will relish Alan G.
This column gives you the chance to ask me questions about cartography (mapmaking) and geography (the study of the relationship between people and land, climate, and resources).
Cartography can put some near misses behind him to claim the Sam Collingwood-Cameron Conditions Stakes at Hamilton today.
The rationalization of cartography, on the other hand, drains "India" of its strangeness, so that it "enters the domain of knowledge" and is "produced as a colonialist space" (151).
Using modern computer cartography techniques and the work of a team of geographers, editors and students, they produced an atlas that was encyclopedic in scope and artistic in appearance.
The Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone and Community Cartography, Inc.
While she may call on such disciplines as geography, cartography, geology, and ethnology (her projects stem from a collaboration with the writer and geographer Matteo Meschiari), works like those in "Marmagne"--which comprised Marmagne, 1999-2000, and Moribana, 1999--take shape from the direct experience of perceiving space with the body, feeling it physically and psychologically and thus also intellectually.
In his essay on "Renaissance Cartography and the Question of Palestine," Nabil Matar unfolds how the question of Palestine was posed cartographically long before Zionism.
Today, computers are generating equal measures of excitement and change in cartography.