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of or relating to the making of maps or charts

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The three authors of this book are very experienced in cartographic resources and participated heavily in the evolution of RDA.
The book provides a detailed text on cartographic principles and concepts.
After presenting a global overview of the process in the next section, we explain how the digital cartographic model (DCM) was produced.
I was applied in 2009 only for investigation of perception of cartographic signs in economic maps from the Lithuanian scholastic geographical atlases (Rociute 2009; Dumbliauskiene, Rociute 2009; Rociute, Dumbliauskiene 2009).
GeoMedia Map Publisher provides high levels of automation, such as style conflict detection and automatic feature displacement, which reduces map production timelines while maintaining cartographic quality.
The cartographic treasures in this book include maps from the most important collections in Europe and America.
In the 1780s James Renell, the surveyor-general of Bengal, produced maps using geographical information compiled during military incursions into the region, and he was later instrumental in the cartographic 'framing' of India as a subcontinental territory.
Intelligent Road-Rail Information Server, or IRRIS, as it is commonly known, was named a winner in the Cartographic Excellence awards at the GeoSpatial World 2002 conference in Atlanta.
Visualization is the purview of the cartographer who, confined to a study, produces cartographic images that represent particular social, political or economic spaces (3).
Using Cartographic Animation to Visualize Air Transportation Patterns.
The author's concentration on what he calls the 'concrete street-level picture' rather than the 'abstract, cartographic picture' produces a picture-book of architectural scenery.
The broad cartographic features are recognizable, but the heart of the continent holds a strange sea, the Paratethys, which stretches from the Mediterranean to Siberia.
Scientists and scholars have scrutinized its ink and parchment, its faint lines of known and imagined coasts and its Latin inscriptions, to see whether this is a clever forgery or the genuine article, a map drawn about 1440 and containing the earliest cartographic representation of any part of the Americas.
Harvey argues that the explosion of local and county maps, beginning in the 1530s and increasing rapidly throughout the sixteenth century, constitutes a cartographic revolution.
Geological Survey (USGS) Western Mapping CEnter in Menlo Park will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a free open house, exhibits, and tours of the cartographic center (not generally open to public tours).