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a person who makes maps


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For many cartographers, obtaining patronage through artistic hyperbole was the only means of pursuing their work professionally.
The subject of the order is to perform the activity of an authorized geodet and cartographer for the building supervision team on site anti-noise measures on the expressway r1 vlckovce - kriovany nad dudvhom, D1 ivachnov - vaec, Improvement of transport safety on highways and highways, D1 bratislava trnava - triblavin junction.
Security forces seized documents and computers from cartographer Khalil Tafakji's office in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina.
The 1507 map grew out of an ambitious project by cartographers in St.
She will also discuss his role as military architect and cartographer and will show us why she thinks he was the originator of Twitter, Instagram and the Google Map.
In mapping geo-temporal relationships, the cartographer describes events as to both where, and when they happened.
In the map made by cartographer Samuel von Suchodoletz in the 18th c.
The year-long contest started in January 2010 in memory of Piri Reis, Ottoman geographer and cartographer whose world map is the oldest known Turkish atlas showing the New World, and one of the oldest maps of America still in existence in the world.
THERE are a lot of collectors of drawing instruments, this chrome plated set, probably belonged to a cartographer (map maker) or an architect, circa 1930s.
Insistent explorers eventually corrected the public record, but hundreds of documents, including this circa 1650 map by Dutch cartographer Johannes Vingboons, preserve the error.
Washburn, who died in 2007, was an expert aerial photographer and cartographer.
Abdul-Hadi Hantash, a cartographer and expert on Jewish settlements said that "Israel aims through these plans to empty the "C areas" from its Palestinian residents to open streets for settlements and to use them in the future for building settlements".
She also carries with her the tag of perhaps being the first female cartographer from the region, and the first Omani cartographer as well.
An epic poem divided into three parts, "Carta Marina" tells the story of a cartographer who finds an old Swedish map and is inspired by it.
The son of Flemish cartographer Geradus Mercator introduced the word "atlas" when publishing a book of his father's maps.