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a person who makes maps


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In mapping geo-temporal relationships, the cartographer describes events as to both where, and when they happened.
Greene worked over several weeks with Oxford Cartographers in the UK to meet the exhibit's exacting color motif.
Rather, I contend that the topics of art and aesthetics hold a relatively small place in the landscape of academic cartography, which in turn influences the way cartography is instructed in higher education; this gap in scholarship and curricula is particularly poignant when contrasted against the qualitative-quantitative balance of the professional cartographer.
This helped make explicit some important aspects of cartographic communication, namely, that the cartographer and/or the user could have incorrect conceptions and that users already had extensive beliefs before viewing any map.
STREETWISE: Development manager Mark Edwards and cartographer David Murphy
A cartographer can simply register through the company's website, and once his or her products are approved, Maps.
The collaborative work of author, educator, and Civil War authority Craig Symonds and expert cartographer William Clipson, this seventh printing of Gettysburg: A Battlefield Atlas features an informative text enhanced 24 three-color maps and 30 black/white historical photographs.
Raisz served as a cartographer in the Austro-Hungarian Army in World War I and brought the rich traditions of central European mapping to the United States, where he served successively on the faculties of Columbia University, Harvard University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Florida.
The Middle East is an indefinite term, an unofficial area that includes countries that belong to other regions," says Leo Dillon, a cartographer (mapmaker) at the United States Geographer's Office.
In the 1995 film, The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain, Hugh Grant plays a cartographer who tells a Welsh village its beloved mountain is only a hill.
This realism came from Bierce's experiences as a Union soldier in the Civil War, where he moved from soldier to cartographer and saw major battles of the war.
The cartographer responsible for the in-flight passenger maps confused the UK's third-busiest airport with a tiny Kent hamlet of the same name.
Preparing geographic data for mapping requires the skill and experience of a cartographer.
In the very same years that saw Botero contending with defining the new global opportunities for Christendom, a Portuguese cartographer, Inacio Moreira, in the retinue of the Jesuit inspector general, Alessandro Valignano, visiting the Emperor of Japan in 1585, produced a much needed, more precise, although since lost, map of Japan.
Maps: Will, the cartographer, has mapped the farm over and over and uses the maps to record projects and plan ahead.