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the quantity that a cart holds

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A wretched nag like that pulling such a cartload," said another.
He kept 36,000 men employed daily on it, and the labor was so unhealthy that they used to die and be hauled off by cartloads every night.
On arriving at the gallery of slender columns, he took breath for a moment, and swore against the interminable staircase by I know not how many million cartloads of devils; then he resumed his ascent through the narrow door of the north tower, now closed to the public.
I took down this dwelling the same morning, drawing the nails, and removed it to the pond-side by small cartloads, spreading the boards on the grass there to bleach and warp back again in the sun.
I began to occupy my house on the 4th of July, as soon as it was boarded and roofed, for the boards were carefully feather-edged and lapped, so that it was perfectly impervious to rain, but before boarding I laid the foundation of a chimney at one end, bringing two cartloads of stones up the hill from the pond in my arms.
To the left, carts were rumbling over the meadow that had been already cleared, and one after another the haycocks vanished, flung up in huge forkfuls, and in their place there were rising heavy cartloads of fragrant hay hanging over the horses' hind-quarters.
And he added that surely whole cartloads of words and theories could never fill that chasm.
And in 2013-14 and 2014-15, an investigation found that someone was swiping iPads by the cartload, with 68 iPads stolen from a high school charging cart this past summer.
The key moment, he says, was at a Royal Academy dinner: 'Thatcher was attending, so I had a cartload of museum porcelain sent round to Number 10.
They were produced by the cartload at potteries throughout the UK as ornamental and educational ceramics for the nurseries of middle class families, but manufactured ironically by the cheapest form of labour at the time: children.
Our Grandad wrote to his Mom on January 4 that 'we look like if we had a cartload of mud tipped on us, but the boys keep on smiling.
RICH KIZER, Chicago-based retail anthropologist: "Ever wander into a store intending to make a specific purchase only to find yourself leaving with a cartload of products?
VENTURING forth with a horse and cartload of precious silver was not a journey to be undertaken lightly in 18th-century Britain.