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fishes in which the skeleton may be calcified but not ossified

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There are approximately 1200 species of cartilaginous fish world-wide and more than 80 species are found in the Mediterranean Sea alone (Golani et al.
Although the muscles of cartilaginous fish are consumed in traditional dishes their livers and all of the other internal organs are generally either thrown back into the sea or discarded as slaughter waste.
Because cartilaginous fish are an important raw material previous studies have investigated the liver oils from cartilaginous fish in order to guide the industrial production efforts of many different types of products in different parts of the world (e.
Therefore it is essential to investigate the vitamin content element levels and fatty acid composition of cartilaginous fish in order to develop products control industrial manufacturing processes and determine conditions for oil storage.
Because of the scarcity of research about the cartilaginous fish living in the northeastern Mediterranean and the importance of the fish to industrial manufacturing of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products the objective of this study was to determine the biochemical composition of some native cartilaginous fish living in the northeastern Mediterranean Sea.
The average body weights of the cartilaginous fish were found to be 12296 g 9304 g 8633 g 6735 g and 5186 g for the eagle ray cownose ray guitarfish stingray and smooth-hound respectively.
Crude Lipid Analysis: Amodified Bligh and Dyer method (Hanson and Olley 1963) was used to determine the crude lipid composition of all cartilaginous fish species.
The a- tocopherol and total carotene levels of the liver oils from cartilaginous fish were measured using protocols according to TS (Turkish Standard) 5036 (1987) and Morello et al.
Liver weight HSI total body weight and average length of the cartilaginous fish are shown in Table 1.
The average length (cm) total weight (g) liver weight (g) and hepatosomatic index (HSI) of the cartilaginous fish.
The data generated from the body measurements of the smooth-hound are an indication that this cartilaginous fish lives and breeds very well in the northeastern Mediterranean.
2000) studied the shark species Carcharhinusfalciformus and reported that the liver weight of this cartilaginous fish was between 1300 and 2300 g.
That's worrisome because with this unusual reproductive history, their ability to cover from overfishing is very limited," notes the biologist who specializes in cartilaginous fish.
Even though mammals, amphibians and cartilaginous fish last shared a common ancestor more than 400 million years ago, they continue to share an element of their T-cell receptors, indicating that the T cell-MHC interaction arose early in the evolution of the immune system, and is central to its function," he stated.
But, there are only 1,200 species of cartilaginous fish, including sharks, rays and ratfish.