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Synonyms for cartel

a combination of businesses closely interconnected for common profit

a group of individuals united in a common cause

an association, especially of nations for a common cause

Synonyms for cartel

a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service

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Promoting Russian initiative on adopting the Convention at the UN platform is an important achievement in countering international cartels that, we hope, will get a further impulse.
15) Cartel activity in steel, aluminum, nitrogen, and potash, for example, were successfully challenged.
An international cartel refers to a price-fixing conspiracy that is operating in multiple countries, which may or may not yet include fixing price in the American market.
cartels are (1) the Sinaloa Cartel (128) (2) Los Zetas, (129) (3) the
Gulf Cartel, (130) (4) the Arellano Felix Organization (Tijuana cartel),
El asunto de la presencia de un cartel en el oriente de la Ciudad de Mexico no es, pues, cosa nueva.
Mancera, ante la grande, sera leal al cartel de Tlahuac y a Morena?
Recently, the prohibitive price again created noises in media, with sweeping accusations of collusion between government offices and the cartel.
Generally, cartel detection methods can be divided in two categories: reactive methods and proactive methods.
En el sexenio de Felipe Calderon, por ejemplo, el Cartel de Juarez era el amo y senor de la plaza de Chihuahua, en especial de Ciudad Juarez, que sigue siendo la puerta principal para meter drogas a Estados Unidos.
If the OPEC agreement to limit oil production is extended when it expires in May, it's more than likely that noncompliance will escalate as members of the cartel get tired of waiting for the day when prices rise.
Initially, the Cali Cartel was called "Los Chemas" and they were mostly involved in kidnapping and counterfeiting in the 1970s.
Founded in 2011 and run by partners Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, Evan Corday, Geoff Silverman, and Eric Woods, the Cartel is a feature film and television production and management company representing top-tier show runners, show creators, writers, directors, producers and production companies in film, TV and new media.
OFAC said 35 of the 39 companies identified in Sinaloa in the latest report are associated with the Cartel del Paafico.
During my tenure as senator, I fought the cartels and public utility land was repossessed,' he said.