cart away

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take away by means of a vehicle

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As experienced by Khaleej Times, all you have to do is dial 800-JUNK, message them your address and someone will turn up at your door in the next few hours to cart away your broken table -- or a broken chair, bed, lamp, book shelf, TV, bug-infested mattresses.
Instead it has employed teams of workers to simply cart away the weed, which then returns the next year.
Who would cart away other people's rubbish and so on?
The United States has publicly supported Bushehr ever since Iran signed a contract with Russia providing that Russia would cart away the used nuclear fuel from Bushehr.
Baraari pushed for a close battle in the final furlong but it was not to be as French rider Ladjadj's consistent form had earlier seen him cart away victory with Monital nefos in the Thoroughbred Handicap race.
Raiders targeted Walton Children's Centre for the second time in a fortnight to cart away the heavy wooden playhouse.
Local restaurant owners werenCOt quite sure what to make of the lanky, long-haired teen when he showed up offering to cart away their used fryer oil for free.
When empty, the rugged container enables material handling, assembly and other personnel to safely roll the cart away on four industrial strength casters.
The callous thieves used a wheelie bin to cart away a pile of items left outside The Cuckoo's Nest in Peel Street, Marsden, on Tuesday night.
A century of play almost vanished overnight - when thieves attempted to cart away an entire school playground.