cart away

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take away by means of a vehicle

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Raking You will tone floppy arms, build upper body strength and firm up those thighs if you use a wheelbarrow to cart away your rubbish.
Putting material on wheels to cart away is a very costly operation, leaving a massive carbon footprint and putting huge pressure on local infrastructure, in wear and tear on road surfaces.
It is the council who has to clean up this mess and cart away piles of rubbish at great expense which is ultimately borne by the citizens of Coventry.
MANILA -- Burglars broke into the Quezon City house of a broadcast journalist and managed to cart away nearly P60,000 in jewelry on Sunday night.
Who would cart away other people's rubbish and so on?
Residents and environmentalists have condemned the EPA's idea, saying the federal agency should cart away the contaminated soil.
When empty, the rugged container enables material handling, assembly and other personnel to safely roll the cart away on four industrial strength casters.