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charge made for carrying an account or for merchandise sold on an installment plan

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the opportunity cost of unproductive assets

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In that instance, a credit or debit should specifically be applied to the carrying charges of a particular item, or applied generally, if purchase discounts would otherwise be unavailable.
Operating costs and carrying charges that are considered to be ordinary and necessary" expenses of managing, maintaining, and conserving forest land may be wholly or partly deducted (expensed) each year as these costs are incurred-provided the woodland activity is done for profit and the expenditures are directly related to the income potential of the property.
The pharmacist-customer typically reduces the ratio of inventory to sales, thus radically reducing McKesson's inventory and the attendant carrying charges.
SOLID FINANCIAL FLEXIBILITY: The system's strong balance sheet resources and affordable rates provides significant flexibility to meet rising debt carrying charges, while helping to offset the historically below average debt service coverage margins.
The Adeline anticipates a 25-year 421-a tax abatement and some of the lowest monthly carrying charges and real estate taxes in the city.
He predicted that interest rates and the availability of credit will influence would-be buyers more than increasing carrying charges.
312(n)(1) also requires capitalization of "construction period carrying charges," which include (1) interest on debt incurred or continued to acquire, construct or carry property, (2) property taxes and (3) similar carrying charges to the extent such charges are attributable to the property's construction period.
Debt carrying charges associated with these bonds is expected to be offset by additional revenue generated by the increase in occupied beds.
2 million fourth pledge of carrying charges for The Ansonia, a 398-unit condominium located at 2109 Broadway in Manhattan.
As a result, TNMP reduced the total accrued recovery of carrying charges for income statement recognition for the period January 1, 2002, through December 31, 2004, by $4.
If the corporation rents the land to the farmer, the loss will be passive and the corporation will be able to deduct only $2,400 (the amount of the rental income) of the carrying charges on the land.
3 billion will be pursued to the extent internal funding sources are sufficient, including state support, and/or system campuses have the capacity to service carrying charges associated with external sources of financing.
4 million increase at TNMP is primarily attributable to the accrued interest represented by carrying charges of $31.
Fourth, The Sycamore's 421A-tax abatement program effectively reduces the monthly carrying charges over a 10-year period.
These fees may, however, be capitalized as carrying charges under Sec.