carrying charge

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charge made for carrying an account or for merchandise sold on an installment plan

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the opportunity cost of unproductive assets

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While the WUTC declined to allow recovery of costs in current rates associated with the purchase of power from the Lancaster plant in Rathdrum, Idaho, they directed the company to file for deferred accounting treatment, with a carrying charge, for these costs and the opportunity to recover them in the next rate case.
These fees may, however, be capitalized as carrying charges under Sec.
5 percent carrying charge increase in January to pay for the refinancing.
The shareholders realized that the carrying charge increase would have an immediate improvement on the physical condition of their property, and that the 35-year term of the HUD mortgage would spread out the costs of the refinancing, keeping the monthly payments affordable.
The credit card industry is willing to provide those with acceptable credit an opportunity to borrow money for 30 days without interest or carrying charges.
This assures our shareholders that carrying charges will not skyrocket in the future, while freeing up capital to undertake other repairs and projects that will continue to make Acropolis Gardens a wonderful place to live.
Nazrisho also had sworn to a judge just last week that his client - who was once engaged to the Malaysian prime minister's daughter - "paid real-estate taxes and other carrying charges on the property.
Homeownership is considered by many to be the American dream and the co-op Rochdale Village remains one of a few Mitchell-Lama limited equity co-ops, providing exceptionally low purchase prices with low monthly carrying charges, for families with low- and middle-income earnings.
6 million plus carrying charges, for engaging in "an unauthorized natural gas price hedging program" that kept its customers from taking advantage of the drop in natural gas prices.
263(g) requires interest and carrying charges to be capitalized if they are allocable to personal property that is part of a straddle.
you can save is in not producing more than your carrying charges can handle.
Molho has previously suggested, and intermittently repeats here, that the Fund's primary function was fiscal, as it sought initially to raise cash for the hard-pressed commune; after 1440 -- when payment had to be in Monte Commune credits to reduce the carrying charges on the public debt -- its social function of encouraging marriage in post-plague years became only a secondary and often contradictory objective, since as soon as the government had to start paying out dowries, it lost cash and had to re-issue interest-bearing bonds which defeated its initial purpose.