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transfer from one time period to the next

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Under Section 382 of the Internal Revenue Code, the use of the Company's net operating loss and other carryforwards would be limited in the event of an "ownership change," which is defined as a cumulative change of more than 50% during any three year period by shareholders owning 5% or more of the Company's stock.
Previously, all NOLs were subject to a five-year carryforward period.
IRC section 382 limits the use of NOL carryforwards following an ownership change.
The current provision for a three-year carryback period should be retained, but the carryforward period should be expanded.
The ED gives examples of objective negative evidence: cumulative losses in recent years, a history of potential tax benefits expiring unused, uncertainties whose unfavorable resolution would adversely affect future results, and brief carryback and carryforward periods in certain circumstances.
X will have an NOL carryforward of $3 million and an ATNOL carryforward of $3.
The net operating loss carryforward and carryback provisions of section 172 permit taxpayers to ameliorate the unduly harsh and inequitable consequences of taxing income strictly on an annual basis.
Because of the basis increase, the unused loss carryforwards became deductible.
965 inclusion, would have a current-year loss, or an NOL carryforward that eliminates or reduces taxable income for the year or limits current taxable income.
The inconsistency in carryback/ carryforward periods is not only inequitable, but also complicates the tax laws.
The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) helps taxpayers who suffer net operating losses (NOLs) by allowing the carryback and carryforward of such losses to offset other years' taxable income.
10 monthly dividend is contingent upon either (i) the Fund maintaining a tax loss carryforward or (ii) receiving exemption from Rule 19b-1 allowing the Fund to make multiple capital gain distributions in a year.
For its 2004 tax year, L has a $10 deduction item, a $20 NOL carryforward, $15 of income and a $5 RBIG attributable to an asset acquired from G.
For example, a loss carryforward is subject to a SRLY limitation if it arises in a pre-affiliation year (or post-affiliation year for a carryback) of a member.
Future realization of the tax benefit of an existing deductible temporary difference or tax attribute carryforward depends on the existence of sufficient taxable income of the appropriate type within the appropriate periods.