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transfer from one time period to the next

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The company also has Foreign NOL carryforward of approximately USD 35.
When the agent disallows the personal expenses on the 2012 return, the tax loss on the originally filed return becomes taxable income that can be offset by an NOL carryforward that has accumulated since 2007.
20 August 2014 - North Carolina US-based bank holding company Four Oaks Fincorp Inc (OTCBB: FOFN) said that its board of directors has adopted a tax asset protection plan intended to preserve the long-term value of the company's federal net operating loss and other tax carryforwards, which represent a substantial asset to the company and its shareholders.
tax-loss carryovers that considers NOL carryback and carryforward provisions.
The current provision for a three-year carryback period should be retained, but the carryforward period should be expanded.
The appeals court reasoned that the crux of the dispute was the conflict between the carryforward provisions of IRC sections 1371(b)(l) and 469(b).
a) Deductible temporary differences resulting from warranty accruals = $500 b) Net operating loss carryforward to expire in 15 years = 200 c) Tax credit carryforwards to expire in 15 years = 50
In addition to a $68 tax credit carryforward that may be used in the future, the company has two temporary differences, depreciation and warranty accrual, and one permanent difference relating to tax-exempt interest that exist at the measurement date, 19X1.
The ED gives examples of objective negative evidence: cumulative losses in recent years, a history of potential tax benefits expiring unused, uncertainties whose unfavorable resolution would adversely affect future results, and brief carryback and carryforward periods in certain circumstances.
In order to maintain its qualification as a REIT, the Company is required (among other provisions) to annually distribute dividends to its stockholders in an amount at least equal to, generally, 90% of the Company's REIT taxable income, after deducting for any net operating loss carryforwards that have been utilized, and after offsetting any net realized capital gains with capital loss carryforwards.
Corporations that erroneously failed to claim general business credits, including the research credit, have long known it was possible to claim unused credits on a carryforward basis.
On its 1998 tax return following the sale, Garber Industries used an NOL carryforward to offset current income.
The current carryback and carryforward periods were most recently set by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, not for any policy reason but simply as a budgeting gimmick.
net-operating-loss (NOL) carryforwards, the classification will be based on the expected date for realization of the carryforward.
However, additional carryforward rules apply where mergers and acquisitions are involved.