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Synonyms for carry-over

application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation

the accumulated and undivided profits of a corporation after provision has been made for dividends and reserves

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The fact that it hasn't been won means that we have large carry-overs straight away.
1374, loss of net operating loss carry-overs, and the inventory LIFO recapture tax.
Some are carry-overs from the past year or years; others present new challenges.
It is the result of $160 million in department savings; $48 million in additional vehicle license fee revenues; $51 million in extra property taxes from the real estate market; $22 million in increased sales tax revenues from a statewide public safety proposition; and $28 million in carry-overs from capital projects not completed last fiscal year.
If the debt discharged is qualified farm debt, discharge of indebtedness income is excluded to the extent the taxpayer can offset the income by reducing the basis of the properties, reducing NOL and capital loss carry-overs, and reducing foreign tax credits and general business credit carry-overs.
This is in sharp contrast to last year with low prices caused through heavy carry-overs of New Zealand Braeburn.
Officials are hoping the weather turns out better than forecast to avoid any carry-overs.
In addition, payment carry-overs from 2013 and the need for banking sector recapitalisations this year will weigh on the fiscal balance and increase the government's borrowing requirements.
Both V-6s are carry-overs, from eight years ago at the last redesign.