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the accumulated and undivided profits of a corporation after provision has been made for dividends and reserves

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Capital losses can be carried forward five years to offset future capital gains and back three years to offset prior capital gains for all corporations, Again, in order to determine the amount of the deferred tax asset, you must multiply your capital loss carry-forward by the effective tax rate and then compute how much of the asset may be admitted.
We are encouraging people to take action now and make the most of this one-time opportunity to use carry-forward pension relief before it disappears forever.
However, this amount was used to reduce the cost carry-forward associated with the drilling of an exploratory well on West Delta Block 34 resulting in no distribution for the month of December.
The low tax provision for the 2005 period had been reduced by a tax loss carry-forward, which was fully utilized during the fourth quarter.
The Company also reported that its tax loss carry-forward will enable the Company to retain substantially all of the cash proceeds from the transaction.
A combination of new business sales, strong carry-forward revenue, and contributions from recent acquisitions drove revenues up 50%.
OTCBB:WTHL) is a growth oriented holding company targeting business acquisitions, which will contribute a diversified asset base and positive cash-flow for the company and it's $71 million tax loss carry-forward.
At such time, the Company estimates that its shareholders' equity will be comparable to the $173 million as of December 31, 2001, that the Company will have a reasonable level of cash flow for reinvestment, and that the Company will have a tax loss carry-forward of over $180 million, $125 million of which is net operating losses which will not begin to expire until 2013.
As a result of the above, the Class A cost carry-forward has decreased to $13,158,561.
Class A costs also included $67,556 in interest charges related to the Class A cost carry-forward.
Class A costs also included $91,208 in interest charges related to the Class A cost carry-forward.
The company now expects to fully utilize the tax-loss carry-forward and will record a tax provision for financial reporting purposes.
Class A costs also included $93,910 in interest charges related to the Class A cost carry-forward.
If X were a loss corporation prior to 2001, generally its regular tax net operating loss (NOL) carry-forwards from that period could be carried forward as AMTNOLs beginning in 2001.
Though the Fund had net realized gains as of the end of October, 2006, these gains would be offset by tax loss carry-forwards for book purposes but not for tax purposes.