carry weight

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have influence to a specified degree

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What you say must carry weight and should be inspirational, and people should at least listen to it, but I doubt that those speeches would be remembered, as great speeches or anything of significance except for the routine sentences.
It is right that energy companies should seek to engage with communities where they seek to build their turbines and such opposition where it exists must carry weight.
Words carry weight, so give us back our working class status, it's not a swear word.
This is especially true if you tend to carry weight around your abdomen.
Those who carry weight around their middles are more likely to have health problems, such as heart disease.
A big, powerful type built to carry weight, he should relish the stiff finish here and will be hard to beat.
That means his opinions carry weight once again and it matters a lot when he praises the "great companies" operating in the North East, as he did yesterday.
Al-Tayeb has said he wants to reform the institution, whose religious edicts still carry weight in most Sunni Muslim countries.
For the new service, TCI has taken a Cargo Express Train on lease for three years, which has a capacity of 21 VP's (20 Parcel vans+1 SLR) and can carry weight upto 468 tonnes.
These are areas where women have a propensity to carry weight gain and are also more resistant to weight loss from dieting.
In an e-bulletin to activists, Unite national officer Karen Reay stated: 'For this survey to carry weight, we need as many people as possible to complete it--a strong survey, clearly giving the views of NHS staff on pay, workload, morale and training, will be of assistance in not only putting forward the strongest possible evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body, but in campaigning politically for a fair pay increase to be implemented.
Spend as much time training to carry weight down the hill as up the hill.
If the findings of the inquiry are to carry weight, tomorrow's evidence session must answer some of the most troubling questions which have yet to be addressed by Tony Blair.
It remains to be seen if the union actually will sue, but the New Hampshire Sunday News said the complaint could carry weight with lawmakers who will consider the spending plan this week.
He would carry weight but carrying weight in the ground is the thing.