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99 low-fat chipper and pounds 150 glitzy Benidorm special leather jacket (as Sir Alan named it) failed to carry the day.
The enemies of due process will carry the day, though, because the ruling holds that all Bush is missing is enabling legislation.
It's unclear, though, if his view will carry the day.
It is the 21st century, and 1980's level dull, black and white games will not carry the day.
Fortunately for the Dodgers, they had plenty of offense to carry the day.
This is too abstract to carry the day, so Kekes attempts to buttress his case by spotlighting specific anomalies.
As battlefield commander, the player decides on the formation and tactics in the fight to carry the day.
If your points are significant and righteous, they'll carry the day.
It remains to be seen whether the intersecting and partially complementary arguments of communitarians, classical liberals, libertarians, and the new federalists will carry the day against a mutually exploitative and bureaucratized stasis that can no longer rely on an ideological crutch.
When lawlessness is rampant and the economy is in ruins, it is hard for town halls and civility to carry the day.
Salomone, yet her own brand of brattiness will simultaneously carry the day for him, as well as for everyone she meets in the course of the eventful day essayed in this over-obvious film.