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They ranged from titles like Carry On Up The Khyber (1968) and Carry On Dick (1974) to character names such as Linda Upmore, Jock Strapp and Doctor Nookey.
Despite appearing in 14 of the nudge-nudge Carry On classics, her physical stature meant she was often cast as matronly characters.
Carry On London, centres on a limousine company, Lenny's Limos, hired to ferry celebrities to the Herberts, a fictitious version of the Oscars.
Carry On Up the Charts, a compilation album released the following year certainly had an air of finality about it, at least until it went to Number One, stuck around in the charts and refused to budge for the rest of the year - and most of the next one for that matter.
I'm delighted by the opportunity to carry on the achievements accomplished by our dedicated Snap-on organization," said Mr.