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News is often dispersed as thoughtlessly and effectively as that pollen which the bees carry off (having no idea how powdery they are) when they are buzzing in search of their particular nectar.
Happily the facilities of the composite order presented themselves to effect a compromise, and the rafters were lengthened, so as to give a descent that should carry off the frozen element.
The way things was scattered about we reckoned the people left in a hurry, and warn't fixed so as to carry off most of their stuff.
Thus used to living in the public eye, the actors carry off their parts at weddings and other dramatic ceremonials, with more spirit than is easy to a townsman, who is naturally made self-conscious by being suddenly called upon to fill for a day a public position for which he has had no training.
Thus it is peremptorily his Majesty's orders that the whole French inhabitants of these Districts be removed; and I am, through his Majesty's goodness, directed to allow you liberty to carry off your money and household goods, as many as you can without discommoding the vessels you go in.
But the industrious Boro midfield man believes he could at least carry off the Emmanuel Petit look.
Lucy overcame a strong field to lift the eight years 8 and under county crown in fine style as she won all her eight matches to carry off the coveted trophy Lucy swept the opposition away as she fulfilled her bid to carry off her first ever championship trophy.
No mean feat when you consider she has to carry off 28 songs and emotion that boomerangs between misery and joy, all by herself.