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Synonyms for carry



be audible


be expecting


carry on: make a fuss

carry on: have an affair


carry something on

carry yourself


  • behave
  • act
  • conduct yourself
  • deport yourself
  • acquit yourself
  • comport yourself

Synonyms for carry

to move while supporting

to cause to come along with oneself

to serve as a conduit

to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others

to hold up

to sustain the weight of

to hold on one's person

to conduct oneself in a specified way

to proceed on a certain course or for a certain distance

to be accepted or approved


to be endowed with as a visible characteristic or form

to have as an accompaniment, a condition, or a consequence

to have for sale


carry away: to move or excite greatly

carry off: to cause the death of

carry on: to control the course of (an activity)

carry on: to involve oneself in (an activity)

carry on: to engage in (a war or campaign, for example)

carry on: to continue without halting despite difficulties or setbacks

carry on: to show enthusiasm

carry on: to behave in a rowdy, improper, or unruly fashion

carry out: to oversee the provision or execution of

carry out: to engage in (a war or campaign, for example)

carry out: to compel observance of

carry out: to act in conformity with

carry out: to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

carry through: to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

Synonyms for carry

move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body

have with oneself


Related Words

transmit or serve as the medium for transmission

bear or be able to bear the weight, pressure,or responsibility of

support or hold in a certain manner

extend to a certain degree

Related Words

continue or extend

be necessarily associated with or result in or involve

Related Words

win in an election

include, as on a list

Related Words

have on hand

Related Words

propel, "Carry the ball"


Related Words

have as an inherent or characteristic feature or have as a consequence

Related Words

be conveyed over a certain distance

keep up with financial support

have or possess something abstract

be equipped with (a mast or sail)

Related Words

win approval or support for

compensate for a weaker partner or member by one's own performance

take further or advance

have on the surface or on the skin

Related Words

capture after a fight

transfer (entries) from one account book to another


Related Words

transfer (a number, cipher, or remainder) to the next column or unit's place before or after, in addition or multiplication

pursue a line of scent or be a bearer

Related Words

propel or give impetus to

drink alcohol without showing ill effects


Related Words

have a certain range

Related Words

cover a certain distance or advance beyond

secure the passage or adoption (of bills and motions)

Related Words

be successful in

Related Words

sing or play against other voices or parts

Related Words

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Made on a budget of pounds 73,000 and bringing in pounds 500,000, producers were delighted with its success and rushed out Carry On Nurse and Carry On Teacher .
Perhaps, the person has to carry luggage, making it necessary to temporarily wear the coat.
Ehrlich and others claim that a law permitting individuals to carry concealed weapons would therefore not deter shooting sprees in public places (though it might reduce the number of people killed or wounded).
Hybridization analyses of other Borrelia that they also carry bdr-related gene families (24,25,46).
In our culture, results that come wrapped in the aura of science carry a special weight (which is why junk science is a preferred idiom of discourse among political interest groups).
Perseus can carry only enough fuel for the upward journey, a steep climb that should take about 90 minutes.
1398 and 172 do not circumscribe P's ability to carry, forward pre-petition NOLs that he succeeded to from the bankruptcy estate.
Kopel, note that 10 states have adopted laws requiring authorities to issue a carry permit for self-protection to anyone who passes a background check and completes a safety class.
Though preliminary tests seem promising, the researchers have yet to determine exactly how much current an intact bar can carry, notes Ruling L.
This Business Ratio report focuses on the leading 65 companies operating in the cash and carry industry.
We can give industry and other government agencies the confidence to carry on.
The difference in the rates makes the carryback of an NOL to 2001 and 2002 much more desirable than a carry forward.
In their study, mothers were assigned to a group asked to carry their infants for at least three hours a day, or to a group asked to provide their infants with extra visual stimulation.
METRO Cash & Carry to Improve Customer Service Through Sophisticated Shrink Management Solutions from Checkpoint Systems
For FTC purposes, the ULC cannot invest or carry on business in the U.