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someone who has red hair

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Reading's carrot-topped midfield maestro Steve Sidwell is a pounds 1m target for Aston Villa chief David O'Leary, but Charlton will match any Villa offer for the former Arsenal man.
The founder and CEO of Anne McKevitt Ideas is England's glammed-up, carrot-topped retort to Stewart's subtle earth tones and painstaking homespun.
Carrot-topped telly reporter Paul Kaye won millions of fans - and plenty of enemies - as TV interviewer Dennis Pennis.
CARROT-TOPPED investigative reporter Paul Kenyon revisited some of the villains he exposed in his last series with some startling results in Kenyon Confronts.
Currently, Damian Lewis makes a deliciously uptight, carrot-topped Soames.
in replacing one carrot-topped crusader for another, is it a coincidence that this week's business was all done between two more gingers, Strachan and Megson?
Chuck and Buck is written and dominated by Freaks and Geeks's carrot-topped producer, Michael White, who immerses himself in the elfin Buck with a totality that is simultaneously awesome and embarrassing.
And his carrot-topped cackle of "Heh-heh-heh" is another that Chick will probably never live down.
Merchandisers are hoping that the carrot-topped, freckled-faced dolls can take a rest under the bed for awhile as Emily snuggles underneath the covers.
But the carrot-topped striker (above) has now joined them from Reading in a club-record pounds 5.
They share George Michael, who pops up as an unfortunate patient on carrot-topped nurse Bernie's ward, while Catherine also has Tamzin Outhwaite, Kathy Burke, Una Stubbs and Philip Glenister.
Being carrot-topped is one of the few areas in life where it pays to be female.
Simply Red Perfect Love ##### ONCE the carrot-topped white soul boy who amazed us with his ability to attract beautiful women, Mick Hucknall has filled out and swapped soul for flamenco
Forbes Masson and Jonathan Slinger are the face of bewildered innocence as the carrot-topped Dromio twins while Christopher Colquhoun and Joe Dixon try to keep their dignity in the midst of all the confusion as the Antipholous twins.
That she's chosen carrot-topped Chucknall as her partner in arms is some indication of her desperation.