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a stick of carrot eaten raw

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If you would like a change from raw carrot sticks, prepare the Pickled Carrot Sticks recipe on page 25.
Chicken over greens, ranch dressing, a roll and fruit or a turkey salad wrap, soup, carrot sticks with ranch and fruit.
Baked macaroni and cheese and broccoli or roast beef and Swiss pocket, soup and carrot sticks.
Enjoy with carrot sticks, celery sticks and slices of pepper.
On Friday, she busies herself with preparations for the Fat Blasters Christmas party (that'll be 20 carrot sticks and a bottle of mineral water, then) but she's more preoccupied about whether Martin, whom she's invited, will bother to show his face.
putting salad into packedlunch sandwiches, adding fruit or veg snacks such as carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, little boxes of raisins, snack packs of dried fruit, baby bananas or other kid-size fruits.
I'm always watching my weight and try not to be too naughty, so it's brown rice, honey, carrot sticks, but I may cave and give in to the chips
Again when someone tucked into carrot sticks, tomatoes and rice cakes, they also went for the healthy option and consumed 200 fewer calories than the other group.
If you're short on time make it in batches for freezing to have during the week; Eat less but more often, choosing healthy snacks to curb hunger pangs such as carrot sticks, unsalted nuts and dried fruit; Hunger is often a sign of thirst, so drink more fluids; Match your meals to your activity levels - if you know you haven't been as active as you should have don't over-indulge on portion size; Eat when hungry and stop when full.
A peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese sandwich with carrot sticks or an apple?
Plus: carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, fruit in sugar-free jelly, box of raisins, carton of semiskimmed milk.
And agreed, carrot sticks and apple juice hardly compete with a cupcake - but thankfully there are plenty of healthier and appealing snacks now available, allowing parents to pack a lunch knowing,E[sz] not only will the kids enjoy what theyeIUre eating - iteIUs good for them too.
Examples include Fusilli Tricolore Giardino, a mix of threecolored Fusilli, carrot sticks, peas, and onions with a light herb marinade, and Riso Verdura, a mix of rice, carrot sticks, broccoli and yellow peppers with a spicy herb marinade.
We expected them to say (they were snacking on) things like cookies and crackers, but there were a lot of kids who said they go home and eat carrot sticks and ranch dressing for a snack," said Vandegriffe, a senior.
The team picked a chicken wrap, a banana, carrot sticks, Fig Newtons, and milk.