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American vulture smaller than the turkey buzzard

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The researchers described neurons (nerve cells) in the brains of carrion crows (Corvus corone corone) that function much like those in rhesus macaques.
Presumably carrion crows must be a big risk once land is opened up, a much bigger worry if that dreadful disease was allowed to take hold of our livestock enterprises again.
Sassui justifies her hiking hills by telling her mother that that departure of Punhoo have annihilated her and made to visit hills and talk to carrion crows.
Jackdaws, carrion crows and magpies will all exploit this source of food and they are not so sophisticated in the way they feed.
Farmers say corvid attacks on sheep peaked in 2013 when late snow weakened surviving lambs and carrion crows exacted a grim toll as they feasted on the eyes and tongues of ewes and their lambs.
All of them are like carrion crows fed by the injustice of the threshold.
Starlings claimed first place with an average of nine birds seen per school, moving up from fifth position, while carrion crows moved up one place to eighth.
In a separate study, published in the journal Animal Cognition, the team investigated the ability of carrion crows to differentiate between the voices and calls of familiar and unfamiliar humans and jackdaws, or 'heterospecific individuals' ie.
To find out if they might be able to distinguish between these different birds and humans, the researchers studied eight carrion crows kept in the university's aviary.
Carrion crows swoop onto the roads, ready to snatch another tasty morsel from the putrid remains of car-culled cats.
The research by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) found that control of foxes and carrion crows - which have seen numbers rise in recent decades - increased the breeding success of the ground-nesting birds by more than three times.
The pessimists point to pressure in the opinion polls, the 'smeargate' controversy, and the depth of the recession, all circling like carrion crows ahead of the general election.
If you go along the River Exe you can seen carrion crows picking up stones to drop on mussels to open them.
Carrion Crows Feeding on Marine Molluscs and Taking Fish.
So, instead of images of weeping frozen tears, a forlorn hurdy-gurdy man standing barefoot on the ice, carrion crows circling overhead, and a general despair of loneliness, isolation, and lovelessness, Susan Friesen's winter journey expresses the beauty of her island's isolation, of snowdrifts along fence lines, snow-crusted country roads, wind-drifted contours of snow banks, the stark outline of bare trees against white fields, and the beautiful paleness of winter twilight.