carrion crow

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American vulture smaller than the turkey buzzard

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Thus, we evaluated the susceptibility of the European equivalent of the American crow, carrion crows (Corvuscorone), which are ubiquitously present across Europe, by injecting them with selected strains of WNV circulating in Europe and with the prototypic NY99 strain.
Caption: A great spotted cuckoo chick (front) doesn't directly kill the carrion crow nestlings it grows up with and, in a crisis, it may benefit the entire nest.
It's a massive carrion crow, the biggest crow you've ever seen," said Mrs Johnson.
The rooks' large white patch of bare skin at the base of the beak and heavily feathered legs - they look as if they're wearing baggy, black shorts - separate them from the similar but solitary carrion crow.
Just as large but not acting as top predators are the crow family that includes the annoying magpie, the noisy jackdaw, the greedy rook and the wary carrion crow and these all drop in when the garden is quiet.
1999) but other Old World corvids that have been tested accept non-mimetic eggs (Red-billed Chough [Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax], Western Jackdaw [Corvus monedula], Carrion Crow [C.
My own bird list comprises: coal tit, great tit, blue tit, long-tailed tit, jay, magpie, jackdaw, carrion crow, rook, great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, common gull, black-headed gull, song thrush, mistle thrush, blackbird, starling, robin, wren, chaffinch, swift, house martin, dunnock, house sparrow, sparrow hawk and heron.
Victims included white-tailed and golden eagles, kites, buzzard, tawny owl, carrion crow, magpie and even a blackbird.
Jackdaw, goldfinch, carrion crow, wren and robin numbers also appear to be on the rise.
It's a comprehensive record of the countryside and wildlife of this area of eastern Monmouthshire, tinged with regret for the marked reduction in many bird species and the huge increase in predators such as carrion crow and grey squirrel, which he believes should be selectively culled.
It was followed by the blackbird, blue tit, black headed gull, carrion crow and house sparrow.
The Carrion Crow is probably public enemy number one when it comes to egg predation.
Yellowhammers have also plunged by 34%, house sparrows by 20% and linnets by 14% Winners since 1995 in the region include woodpigeon, up 22%; swallow 32%; carrion crow 11%; blackcap 26%; goldfinch 44%; chaffinch 23%; greenfinch 21%; wren 31%; dunnock 34%; robin 28%; blackbird 35%, blue tit 2% and coal tit 32%.
While I was there a few woodpigeon lifted from crops, while a carrion crow flapped slowly overhead looking in vain for anything edible.