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the dead and rotting body of an animal

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Carrion realizo para establecer el caracter inoculable de la enfermedad que ahora lleva su nombre.
Carrion returned to the store one month after her allegedly botched manicure to report that the injury was not healing and that her nail was not growing in the area of the puncture.
Y menos aun han trabajado la relacion del cine con la identidad nacional, tema que trata Marta Garcia Carrion en su obra Por un cine patrio: cultura cinematografica y nacionalismo espanol (1926-1936).
Originally priced at PS152,750, Queensberry have released the Carrion showhome, inclusive of all furnishings, for just PS135,000, anticipating a high level of interest, which will translate into a swift sale.
Burying Beetles (genus: Nicrophorus) feed and reproduce on carrion, and serve as hosts to various mites and nematodes.
La enfermedad de Carrion (bartonelosis), una de las infecciones humanas mas restringidas geograficamente, se transmite a traves de la picadura de un mosquito cuyo habitat se limita a los valles de la cordillera andina en Colombia, Ecuador y Peru.
Detras de todo ello estaba el proceso de liberacion de los patrones teoricos europeos y norteamericanos, eurocentrismo que Carrion juzgaba necesario superar.
26 September 2012 a[euro]" US insurance broker Hub International Limited is taking the next step in its Latin American expansion with a definitive agreement for the purchase of Puerto Rico-based Carrion, Laffitte & Casellas Inc (CLC).
Christopher Carrion, the Lord of Midnight, has sent his henchmen to capture her.
If there is no price, they don't touch it," Carrion explained.
Many studies have also focused on the effect of detected substances on the developmental rates of carrion insects.
Various species of Panorpidae have also been recorded on carrion and feeding on nectar, herb pollen, and frnitjuices (Byers and Thornhill, 1983), and recently the elusive eomeropid, Notiothauma reedi MacLachlan (Mecoptera: Eomeropidae), was found in large numbers on carrion (Jara-Soto et al.
Ante la vecindad del aniversario 43 del 2 de octubre de 1968, Raquel Tibol revisa el ideario de Jorge Carrion recopilado en el libro La educacion y el movimiento del 68, donde apunto este "la conexion estricta entre contrarrevolucion educativa y contrarrevolucion en general".
In communities where there is violence, where children are exposed to events such as shootings in their neighbourhoods, kids experience a constant environmental threat," senior author Victor Carrion, MD, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Stanford, said.