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a radio wave that can be modulated in order to transmit a signal

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Different from a 400G system with multiple aggregated carrier waves, a 400G WDM system with a single carrier wave requires only one optical transceiver system.
If the information is imbued with the sender's own idiosyncrasies, their carrier wave will be less likely to be able to be shared.
He defines carrier waves as clusters of "related innovations," arising from one important invention but which, through their commercial success, exert "a much larger" influence on society.
At present, each relay station handles a maximum of six i-mode-related carrier waves, allowing six people to access the service at once via the station.
Leibman went to discuss specific solutions such as fiber optic cabling or copper cabling utilizing xDSL technology for short distances, as well as utilizing satellite carrier waves and microwave connections.
The message could be encoded in carrier waves, modulated signals like those of AM or FM transmissions, or in pulses that would carry further given the same amount of energy.