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a homing pigeon used to carry messages

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The Irish bird Paddy was honoured after being the first carrier pigeon out of hundreds dispatched with the RAF to arrive back in England with news of the successful DDay landings.
The British roots of information provider Reuters date back to 1851 when Paul Julius Reuter started it as a carrier pigeon and telegraph service to send news to Berlin.
Perhaps we should embrace the telemedicine revolution, but at the rate the NHS is going, the best we could do would be tin cans and string, with the odd carrier pigeon for those more fortunate practitioners.
In the coming four weeks, audiences around the globe will be tuned via TV, radio, computer, cellphone or carrier pigeon into what is arguably the biggest sporting fiesta--maybe even the biggest entertainment event--on the planet.
It was thought that as many as 500 bird-fanciers were inside the building for a carrier pigeon show.
Later, in 1996, the state amended its statute to drop its ban on carrier pigeon regulation in Cook County municipalities.
Brutus was besieged by Mark Antony (Cleopatra's boyfriend), yet managed to communicate with his allies by carrier pigeon.
Further, the references to footnotes and serious style recall the function of a carrier pigeon as a transporter of written messages.
This was a carrier pigeon, and he probably was taking a little stroll to stretch his legs after a long flight.
Failing carrier pigeon," the voice said dryly, "phone.
But don't look for any pigeons - the point got its name from the clipper ship Carrier Pigeon.
Jane Mulrainey said: "It's a step up from a carrier pigeon.
Titled chapters, several of which stand alone as flash fiction, alternate between Ludo's observations from her terrace, fragments from her diary, and the stories of neighboring passersby, many of whom are linked by the improbable journey of a carrier pigeon.
Aimed at both entertaining and educating the young, The Adventures of Bertie Blue follows an army carrier pigeon and his captain through battles in the trenches to a spell on leave in Paris and includes such famous moments as the Christmas Day truce of 1914.
The Hangzhou Carrier Pigeon Association said Monday that it will use a different flu vaccine in the vaccination drive since none exists for H7N9.