carriage trade

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trade from upper-class customers

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Their discontent found voice in the mouth and person of Jim Crow, who mocked the carriage trade.
At the preview Wednesday, which included a tour of the grounds and interior, Gehry called the new theater a ``living room for the city,'' while Salonen rebuked early gripes that the arts complex was developed to give the carriage trade yet another elite diversion.
The wood, leather, and chrome found in today's interiors are throwbacks to the earliest days of the automobile, when it was little advanced from the carriage trade," he says.
The focus on applied and industrial arts led the museum to begin staging design exhibitions in 1933, and in the ensuing years it offered such groundbreaking shows as "Machine Art," as well as displays like "Useful Household Objects Under Five Dollars," that argued that good design need not be reserved for the carriage trade.
As far as tea goes, the carriage trade still gets its supplies from Temples of Gastronomy like Harrods and Fortnum & Mason, and the specialty tea trade has a market share of anything up to 13% and growing as public tastes move up a notch or two.
Gadabout NoteCards - Carriage Trade by The Mercantile, Atlanta $45.
The school is located at 16 Carriage Trade Center, Tobyhanna, Coolbaugh Township, PA, 18466.
A petition with 527 signatures was collected by Capital Cabs company secretary Sharyn Donnachie, who also submitted 89 signed letters from the hackney carriage trade.
About Safeguard Founded in 1961, Safeguard focused on carriage trade customers, particularly those who had second homes in the Paradise Valley area outside of Phoenix, AZ.
A member of the hackney carriage trade, who was present at the meeting, asked Mr Holland for a detailed breakdown of the figures.
Originally servicing the carriage trade and later setting trends in retailing that were followed by other merchandisers, Hahne's was sold to May Department Stores Company, owner of Lord & Taylor, in 1987 and has remained vacant since 1987.
We have previously been told people feel there are not enough taxis available, particularly at weekends and evenings, while drivers expressing a strong interest in joining the Hackney Carriage trade have found the current rules too restrictive.
The government has asked the Law Commission to look at laws governing the hackney carriage trade, with a view to replacing 340 sets of local regulations with a single set of rules.
With the Whitney coming in and a lot of luxury goods companies, and carriage trade brands, really bringing a level of dimension to the Meatpacking that maybe was missing in the first sort of pure couture focus that it had.
For the connoisseurs and the carriage trade, this is probably by a wee margin the smallest 9mm in its category, but its fans consider it worth every penny of its four-figure price.