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a colloidal extract from carrageen seaweed and other red algae


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Using an eyedropper, drop one of the colors onto the carrageenin bath to check flotation and spreadability.
To remove any traces of carrageenin from the fabric or objects, rinse thoroughly with cold water immediately after lifting items from the bath.
Aurora, OH, USA), ethylenediamine-N, N, N', N'-tetraacetic acid (EDTA), bis-N-methylacridinium nitrate (lucigenin), 5-amino-2, 3-dihydro-1, 4-phthalazinedione (luminol), carrageenin and [H.
5% carrageenin in saline subcutaneously into the plantar region of the right hind paw, as described previously (Tachibana et al.
1994), edema induced by miconazole, like carrageenin, results in a biphasic and circumscribed inflammation, with the advantage of a long-lasting effect.
Carrageenin induced edema in hind paw of the rats as an assay of anti-inflammatory drug.
Pretreatment of animals with AE-Total did not show antiinflammatory activity in any of the acute (paw edema induced by carrageenin, dextran or histamine, pleurisy induced by carrageenin and capsaicin-induced mouse ear edema) or chronic (air pouch) models used.
Studies of mediators of the acute inflammatory response induced in rats in different sites by carrageenin and turpentine.
1 ml of 1% Carrageenin in normal saline in the right hand paw of the rats.
Moreover, the pure enantiomer, at a dose of 25 mg/kg, elicited a delayed and more prolonged effect, while the racemate form induced a significant reduction of the edema only one hour after carrageenin administration.