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a joint between the distal end of the radius and the proximal row of carpal bones

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The aim of the present study was to suggest a didactic approach to the training of equine carpus ultrasonography for veterinary medicine students, residents, and professionals.
Tendon of the muscle commom digital extensor (TMCDE) overlapped the distal radius and dorsal carpus, extending to the proximal metacarpal region.
The left carpus remained mildly swollen, although no wing droop was noted.
The lateral radiographic image (Figs 1 and 2) revealed a soft tissue swelling around the left carpus and the radiolucency noted, consistent with a nondisplaced oblique fracture of the extensor process of the carpometacarpus.
The carpus of the second pereopod is subdivided in 18-23 segments and the merus in seven segments; in pereopod 3 the propodus has a series of 11-15 ventral spines, the carpus has 6-7 ventral spinules and merus has 5 spines on the outer surface; in pereopod 4 the propodus has a series of 11 ventral spines, the carpus has 6 ventral spinules and the merus has 3 spines on the outer surface; in pereopod 5 the propodus has a series of 11 ventral spines, the carpus has 7 ventral spinules and the merus has 2 spines on the outer surface.
7 times the telson length; terminal margin of telson rounded at end, flanked by two pairs of spinules, with numerous setae at posterior margin, external pair as long as terminal margin and internal pair widely overreaching the terminal margin; first pair of pereopods overreaching scaphocerite with 2/3 of carpus, fingers as long as palm; carpus 1.
Basis longer than propodus including fixed finger, divided unequally by triangular sclerite, with 1 dorsodistal seta and a small, inner dorsodistal process extending beyond carpus.
In a complete lesion however, cadaver studies of FCR have revealed a significant increase in its moment arm and subsequent increase in the load distributed through the radial carpus, thus enhancing the scaphoid displacement.
Initial examination of the patient by the ER staff demonstrated generalized tenderness to palpation along the dorsum of the distal carpus as well as swelling.
Could you find your way today to Carpus Prairie or Hebron?
Autotomy was achieved by crushing the manus or carpus segment of the limb with a pair of forceps.
Dentre as incidencias relatadas, 85,7% a 87,1% dos potros tem sido acometidos por carpus valgus e 14,3% a 22,9% por carpus varus (PHARR & FRETZ, 1981; BERTONE et al.
Arthrodesis also known as artificial ankylosis or syndesis (joint fusion), is an orthopaedic salvage, for unmanageable degenerative joint disease (arthritis) in the shoulder, carpus (wrist), stifle (knee) and hock (ankle) and is used to reduce pain and improve stability in the spine, feet and other areas (Harasen, 2002).