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a joint between the distal end of the radius and the proximal row of carpal bones

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This process progresses to the development of caput ulnae syndrome in which the carpus subluxates volarly and supinates while the ulnar head displaces dorsally.
Basis longer than propodus including fixed finger, divided unequally by triangular sclerite, with 1 dorsodistal seta and a small, inner dorsodistal process extending beyond carpus.
12) Female doves can be very territorial when nesting, and they may defend their nesting site by striking with the carpus of a wing and flipping the wings while crouching in the nest.
In a complete lesion however, cadaver studies of FCR have revealed a significant increase in its moment arm and subsequent increase in the load distributed through the radial carpus, thus enhancing the scaphoid displacement.
Two musculoskeletal radiologists measured the MR changes for 15 sites of the carpus using a blinded, validated scoring system.
lA longer toe increases the odds of problems in the carpus (knee);
When his condition improved he underwent surgery and had a plate inserted to fuse his dislocated carpus, or wrist joint.
Fractures of the carpus most commonly involve the scaphoid, (1) with typical physical examination findings of "snuffbox" tenderness.
The TFCC also extends the gliding surface of the radius ulnarly for carpal motion and stabilizes the ulnar carpus.
Typical deformity includes shortening of the wrist, scapho-lunate dissociation, carpal supination, translocation of the carpus in a ulnar and volar direction, radial deviation of the carpus and dorsal subluxation of the ulna.
The MRI system should be capable of imaging the equine distal limb to the level of the carpus and tarsus.