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If the existing flooring is worn or needs to be replaced, installing carpeting over it is often a cost-effective option worth considering.
Instead of synthetic carpeting, Spector suggests a natural-fiber throw rug made of wool, cotton, jute or sea grass.
I have wall-to-wall carpeting upstairs in the bedrooms, and hardwood downstairs in the heavy traffic areas, especially where people are walking in from outside,'' she said.
We also receive used padding from collection bins located at retail carpeting and flooring accessories stores throughout our operating regions," Trick states.
Dry steam cleaning was performed on carpeting with a Vaporjet 2400 steam cleaning machine (Advanced Vapor Technologies, Edmonds, WA) at a rate of 2.
One hypothesis held that chemicals used in making carpeting created the smell, while another suggested that microbes contaminating the carpet were the culprits.
Using simply any carpet cleaning service to clean your carpeting though certainly is not enough to get it cleaned and appropriately maintained.
Experience shows that carpeting elevators goes a long way toward preventing the spread of dirt to upper floors.
SelecTech is currently testing new applications of its closed-loop process to generate carpeting and flooring products using a portion of the estimated 4.
Health problems there erupted after installation of new carpeting, but the cause was never clearly identified.
In one house, the European house dust mite predominated, with 7,454 per gram of dust in the couch, 2,361 per gram in the carpet under the couch, and just 232 per gram in carpeting where people often walk.
A recognized leader in environmental stewardship, C&A manufactures high-performance modular tile and six-foot structured back carpeting for the commercial market.
In the United States, standard carpeting was too difficult for frail elderly to negotiate and for facility operators to keep clean.
New Zealand wool carpeting - chosen by the National Audubon Society for its recently renovated New York City headquarters - comes in teal, rose and other muted colors, and runs from $50 per square yard.