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grass native to West Indies but common in southern United States having tufted wiry stems often infested with a dark fungus

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The carpetgrass cover explains the high TOC levels in Pasture, given that it produces a large amount of plant matter with high C : N ratio (Table 3) and has a root system that is efficient in exploring at depth.
The higher levels of oxidisable C in Pasture may result from the rapid growth (shoot and root) and plant mass increase of broadleaf carpetgrass, which was associated with high TOC levels (Table 2).
Augustinegrass, carpetgrass, centipedegrass, and bahiagrass, however, are usually grown only in the warmest regions of the South.
Carpetgrass is native to the West Indies and Central America and is grown in the warmest areas of the South.
Carpetgrass is considered an unattractive species, partially because of the many tall, coarse seedheads developed throughout the summer (Figure 3-17).
5 Bermudagrass 1,500,000 1-2 Bluegrass Kentucky 1,000,000-2,200,000 1-2 Rough 2,000,000 1-2 Buffalograss 40,000-70,000 5-12 * Carpetgrass 1,200,000 1.
Grasses that have a slow growth rate such as the fine fescues, centipedegrass, and carpetgrass need significantly less fertilization.
common dallisgrass, bahiagrass, carpetgrass (Axonopus affinis Chase), smutgrass [Sporobolus poiretii (Roem.
Work with forage grasses indicated that 94% of the roots of drought-susceptible carpetgrass (Axonopus affinis Chase) was confined to the upper 60 cm of soil, whereas only 65 [is greater than] of the roots of drought-resistant `Coastal' bermudagrass was observed at this depth (Burton et al.
Augustinegrass POOR Annual bluegrass Annual ryegrass Carpetgrass Centipedegrass Colonial bentgrass Creeping bentgrass Rough bluegrass
Table 14-1 Tolerance of Established Warm Season Turfgrasses to Some Postemergence Herbicides * HERBICIDE BAHIAGRASS BERMUDAGRASS CARPETGRASS Atrazine NR NR NR Bentazon T T NR, T 2, 4-D T T t Dicamba T T t DSMA, MSMA NR, S T NR, S Fenoxaprop NR, S NR, S NR Imazaquin NR, S T NR, t Mecoprop T T t Metribuzin NR, t T NR, S Sethoxydim NR, S NR, S NR, t HERBICIDE CENTIPEDEGRASS ST.
Kentucky bluegrass -- Bermudagrass -- Bentgrass -- Zoysiagrass -- Fine fescue -- Carpetgrass -- Perennial ryegrass -- Bahiagrass -- Poa trivialis (rough bluegrass) -- St.
Blades 4 to 10 mm wide, Carpetgrass blunt and rounded at tip; rhizomes absent; nodes hairy (2) Ligule very short, membranous; Bahiagrass blades 4 to 8 mm wide, slightly (leaves may hairy toward the base; also be rolled stolons and rhizomes short and in the bud) thick 2.