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presumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality


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The partial exception was Ron Paul, who, like Barr, had to overcome criticism that he was a carpetbagging conservative.
MIDLAND investors have been alerted that 1990s-style carpetbagging could be on the way back with three or four-figure windfalls up for grabs.
It would be wrong, however, to think of the growth of railroads in the South as a sort of technological carpetbagging in which machinery from the North swept down after Appomattox.
In the last days of the electoral count, certain Republican leaders had secretly promised that if filibustering would cease, Hayes, upon becoming president, would withdraw the troops and allow the Carpetbagging governments to totter and fall.
Membership closed in May to prevent carpetbagging on likelihood of sale.
Bankruptcy Court takes a dim view of this carpetbagging behavior by directors and senior executives and admonishes Kmart's present leadership for its greed and its apparent contempt for suppliers as well as for the bankruptcy process.
Post-Castro Cuba, on its own, has an unusually good chance of evolving into a model democracy, but it will not do so if we sanction and support the carpetbagging of emigres who have never found American democracy fully to their tastes.
He offered several examples: Congress' takeover of presidential power in the late 1860s, which led to carpetbagging and a more vindictive Reconstruction period; the fight between President Franklin Roosevelt and conservatives in Congress in the 1930s over packing the Supreme Court; and the apparent stalemate between Congress and President John Kennedy in the early 1960s, which for a time stopped civil rights legislation.
This could be the last gasp of the carpetbagging campaign as it is widely expected that mutual societies will require 500 members to support any future conversion resolutions and members must vote by a 75-per-cent majority to approve any such rule change," he said.
In 1964, when he was a young liberal Democrat at Manhattan College, Giuliani wrote an article for the student paper calling the carpetbagging charges against Robert F.
Such a play would almost certainly have dealt with the new challenges faced by recently freed slaves, including carpetbagging, share-cropping, and the birth of the Ku Klux Klan.
Do not endorse this pseudo-celebrity carpetbagging.
But unlike the carpetbagging vendors, who drove away at sunset, the big companies have a long-term stake in the South Florida market.
The carpetbagging thing is a political consultant argument and not one that real people care about," Krekorian said.
As an undergraduate at Manhattan College he worked on Bobby Kennedy's carpetbagging 1964 campaign for the U.