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Synonyms for carpetbag

traveling bag made of carpet

presumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality

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The model we're interested in at Art2Action and Carpetbag is one in which professional artists partner with service providers," explained Assaf.
Lum put the carpetbag on the narrow bed and lugged the leather case to the corner.
But while there is a strong story, it's the fantastic staging that really makes this show what it is - from Mary Poppins' bottomless carpetbag and dancing statues to toys coming to life (this could prove a little scary for very young children).
On Saturday afternoon, as the staff of Gill's Hotel prepared for the Annual Homebush Race Dinner, Mary Ann Gill packed some clothes into a carpetbag borrowed from her mother and sent these out with her servant girl.
Given that the Republicans cede New York's carpetbag U.
A carpetbag steak is a steak stuffed with which ingredient?
The transition from grey Edwardian London to Mary Poppins' Technicolour alternative reality was stunning and so were all the other magical touches - a tough challenge, surely, for the backroom boys and girls - from the bottomless carpetbag that produces an aspidistra and full-height coatrack to the collapsing plate racks and kitchen table that Mary puts right with a click or three of her fingers.
Weary of carpetbag territorial appointees and their collaboration with railroad interests, the delegates pushed for stringent limitations on outside influences on the legislature.
Revisionists have drawn different conclusions but still emphasize the importance of African-Americans and their carpetbag allies in South Carolina.
Yankees, white trash, Carpetbag parvenus--; The O'Haras might have been kings of Ireland once but your father was nothing but a smart Mick on the make.
I stoop grab the carpetbag at my knees, fling the pouch through the open window.
Cunningham 2000, 681, though the single carpetbag might suggest a country house weekend in England rather than a trip to Paris.
Representing: Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, Danzahoy, Helios Dance Theater, Liss Fain Dance Company, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Ultima Vez, Mythili Prakash, Pacifico Dance Company, Viver Brasil Dance Company, Yaelisa and Caminos Flamenco, The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater, Do Jump, SYTE/ON: TAIKO X2, David Karagianis
humiliation of carpetbag government imposed by conquest,"