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used to nail down carpets

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MINDLESS vandals are sabotaging a popular cycling route with razor-sharp carpet tacks.
BRADLEY WIGGINS hit out at the Tour de France saboteurs who scattered carpet tacks on the road.
This infusion of capital will permit us to expand production and fund working capital for URI to meet current high levels of demand for recycled carpet tack strips, and to introduce additional recycled plastics product lines.
A woman post-room worker at the Capita organisation in London nearly lost a thumb when a carpet tack ripped through it.
Through a proprietary process, United Recycling converts post- consumer carpeting into polymer resin which is then remanufactured to make carpet tack strips.
A woman postroom worker at the Capita organisation in London nearly lost a thumb when a carpet tack ripped through it.
is currently introducing a carpet tack strip manufactured from recycled carpet material.
The warning came from a worker at the University of Liverpool's School of Veterinary Science who said she had been told by pet owners that sausages laced with carpet tacks were being left on the Wirral Way.
SAUSAGES spiked with carpet tacks have been left at a beauty spot where people walk their dogs.
The French christened him "Le Gentleman" last year because he governed the peloton with fairness after saboteurs littered the route with carpet tacks and his rivals suffered multiple punctures.
Hundreds of cyclists taking part in the Etape Caledonia last May had tyres punctured by thousands of carpet tacks which someone had scattered along part of the route.
In other historic areas, McHugh removed decades-old carpeting to find the marble floors underneath damaged by carpet tacks.
As beds of nails go, running the Jockeys' Association is not up there with the Indian fakir's six-inch special, it's more a crash-mat of carpet tacks.
Some shippers have begun to outfit their vessels with high-powered hoses to knock pirates off their ships, use mannequins to fool pirates into thinking the crew is larger than it is, and lay down carpet tacks at night to injure would-be pirates storming the ship barefoot.
Philippa Lawrence uses a wide variety of materials to create her work - from light bulbs and animal skins to carpet tacks and felt.