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Synonyms for carper

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

Synonyms for carper

someone who constantly criticizes in a petty way


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Despite the rich tradition of the American common school and its value to our country (remember Commager's "our schools have kept us free"), the reader of the The Dissenting Tradition would do well to pay attention to the lessons from dissenters Carper and Hunt believe we should observe.
Because his old boss, Carper, is known as a believer in free markets, Jones already has good relationships with much of the business community.
In 1983 when Carper was 47, John Frederick Nims accepted
NAM's Director of Air Quality Jeffrey Marks said the Carper bill appears to be an attempt to compromise between the ill-fated Jeffords bill and the administration's Clear Skies proposal.
Grad Beekman, the new 32-story condominium at the southeast carper of 51st Street and First Avenue, has completed $25 million in sales, averaging $1,100 per SF, in its first six weeks on the market, according to The Sunshine Group, Grand Beekman's exclusive marketing and sales agent.
Thomas Carper (D) has introduced a new ad campaign for "A Better Chance" (ABC), a welfare reform program the state began implementing in 1995.
The new brewery was designed by Allen and brewery designer Steven Carper, and is located at 1415 First Avenue in Seattle.
Although Carper is not a vegetarian, she acknowledges that there is a "vegetarian advantage.
Todd Carper was promoted to principal from senior manager.
para]]Sen Tom Carper Announces the Military and Veterans Education Protection Act[[/para]]
The amendment's sponsors -- Democrats Tom Carper of Delaware and Barbara Boxer of California and Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee -- said they want Congress to reach a long-term funding solution this year and they hope that will be easier after the November election when partisan tempers will presumably have cooled.
Amtrak welcomes back Tom Carper to its board of directors.
Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper of West Virginia, where Gandee lived, told People magazine that the reality TV personality was discovered unresponsive in his car with his uncle, David Gandee, 48, and another person.
The US delegation beside Thomas Carper also included Senator Tom Udall, Senator Scott Brown, Senator Max Baucus, Representative Robert Wittman, Representative John Salazar and Representative Betsy Markey.