carpenter's plane

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Using a microkeratome, an automated device resembling a carpenter's plane, the surgeon makes a hinged flap on the surface of the cornea, like peeling back the protective foil on a bottle of aspirin.
Once the acrylic was left to solidify for a week or more, Whitten usually came back with a razor-sharp carpenter's plane and shaved away any remaining relief, exposing areas of paint underneath.
Some of the tools reflect Larger's career working in a Youngstown steel mill, but most are just tools that appealed to his sense of scale and precision, like a reel-type lawn mower and a Stanley-style carpenter's plane.
Ahead is a clump of majestic Scots pines and within them the best pieces of work in the park, giant curls of orangey/red wood, similar in shape to the shavings that fall from a carpenter's plane, stand 3 metres high among the trees - and improve them.
In the first stage, the granulator shuttles scrap back and forth over a recessed blade, much like a carpenter's plane.