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Synonyms for carp

find fault

Synonyms for carp

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

carp at: to scold or find fault with constantly

Synonyms for carp

the lean flesh of a fish that is often farmed

any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae

raise trivial objections


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The researchers conclude that seasonal distributions of carp aggregations in these lakes are "predictable and repeatable," which will aid in developing control programs.
Tredegar visitor Andrew Mumford netted 115lb of smaller carp when he tried Willow Lake and Angela Grove's first try at fishing on Holly Lake resulted in a 15lb mirror carp.
A good question needing an answer would be why carp and carp fishing in particular have become so popular.
BROOKSIDE, Stretton, 01925 730893: Pleasure anglers are show ing a preference for Mallard Pool for carp to 101b.
Admittedly, the European carp is one of the most abundant and widespread large, freshwater fish on Earth, but how has an introduced species become so dominant in Australia?
Not just splitting hairs, Carp reminds readers that confidentiality protects the privacy of individuals, whereas "secrecy" deprives a person of (presumably) valuable information about her or himself.
It's pale-colored as carp go, a sort of greeny-gold the likes of which you see on weathered copper.
5lb carp was the best of 19 banked by Cardiff angler Paul Worsley and he had a dozen bream to 5lb to go with them.
Bighead and silver carp numbers have increased dramatically in the Mississippi River basin and have been caught as far north as Minnesota.
Ensuring the health and productivity of the Great Lakes by preventing the introduction of Asian Carp remains one of the highest priorities for Ontario and for my ministry," said Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources David Orazietti.
BANNISTER FARM, Southport 01704 821474: Try larger baits to sort out the bigger carp and bream.
What researchers haven't known, though, is what strategy the carp follows for such a feat, says Jonathan A.
Leviathan specimens with rod-breaking girths, silver-dollar-sized scales and faces only a mama carp could love.