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Synonyms for carousing

used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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And then at night, when this throng poured out into the streets to play--fighting, gambling, drinking and carousing, cursing and screaming, laughing and singing, playing banjoes and dancing
The research showed that eating and drinking (water) made no difference to the way students felt after a night of carousing.
There was drinking, eating and even a decent slice of carousing with a side of revelling.
This year marks the centenary of the carousing poet's birth and a series of events have been taking place to mark the milestone.
In The Ballad of a Small Player, "Lord Doyle," a man In hiding who siphoned his wealth from an elderly widow, spends nights carousing and losing his fortunes on the baccarat tables.
One victim, an army vice minister was "obliterated" with a mortar round in 2012 for allegedly carousing during the official mourning period after Kim Jong-il's death the previous year.
If I HAD to make a new year's resolution, it wouldn't be about less, but more of the things I love, from volunteering to carousing.
A story of romance, conflict resolution and family relationships, this follows a man's journey from a settlement of a messy divorce with his carousing first wife to a love affair with a beautiful and loving woman whom he eventually marries.
So even though most of us are watching the telly with a cuppa and a bag of Walkers we'll lead our cyberspace chums to believe we're out carousing around the city or watching a fantastic film or planning a round the world trip.
Between bouts of drinking and carousing, Fahrenwald participated in raids with the French resistance until he was captured by Germans.
Qatar's football boss insisted the issue is being discussed with FIFA, but he saw "no reason" for carousing in stadiums.
The report urges officers to "watch out" for "late-night carousing, long sessions, yet another bottle of wine at lunch - there are all long-standing media tactics to get you to spill the beans.
After the rigours of festive carousing, Moore's blend is designed to encapsulate "the essence of spring" and is ideal for gin drinkers seeking a sweeter, delicate flavour.
Outside, there is plenty of space for pirate roistering and carousing amongst the tropical plants and under the palm-thatched lean-to.
But the people who lived near the college did not care for the drinking and carousing of its students.