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Synonyms for carouser

someone who enjoys riotous drinking

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After few minutes the NH&MP officers SPO Akmal Hussain and PO Arshid Abbasi stopped the said Land Carouser near Satra Mil and arrested three culprits Shah Nawaz, Usman and Abdullah r/o Angori Road, Islamabad and took the Land Carouser into their custody.
Here, for example, is Merton, a onetime carouser, "proud and boastful .
Fellow Wembley Wizard Hughie Gallacher was reputed to be Chelsea's greatest carouser.
It is NUFC which pays for the Pop Idol haircuts, the little diamond ear studs and the jollies at The Ritz (the management of which were charmed by our Cardiff carouser, weren't they?
Elizabeth, who believes that years of smoking and hotel living harmed Richard's health, says he was much more than a top notch carouser.
He is purported to have been a heavy drinker and carouser, and to have had a fiery and testy temperament.
While their personalities were decidedly different-Sterling loved a good party and was an infamous carouser while Piazzoni was quiet and retiring-their respective arts were often analogous in subject and mood.
And eight nights of marriage to carouser Chris Evans seem to have put years on Billie Piper.
He was a bit of drinker and carouser but he was not an uncontrollable human being.
demanded the carouser, before stumbling off elsewhere.
Once a carouser with President Kennedy, Sinatra had also been a loyal Democrat, but with the rise of the counter-culture he had turned into a Republican supporter and backed Nixon's 1972 campaign, though their private one-to-one never happened.
Old teammates and friends gathered Thursday afternoon to raise alcohol- free glasses and swap stories in memory of Bo Belinsky, the Angels no-hit pitcher and all-star carouser who died Friday at age 64 after battling cancer.