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Synonyms for carouse



Synonyms for carouse

Synonyms for carouse

revelry in drinking

engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

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That favour was for the jockey to drive him to the Cartier Awards last week, wait in the car while the trainer's son caroused inside and then ferry him home, possibly after a detour into London's glittering West End.
Princess Diana's former lover Hewitt, 45, stepped in after Camilla - who this week caroused in a London nightclub with Harry - threw a noisy, drink-fuelled party at her family pile.
Vastly different from the genteel exhibitions of today, drama productions in the post-emancipation city were rowdy, all-night affairs where spectators caroused to songs, monologues, and full-length plays.
They caroused with industry experts such as Atlantic Music Recording Corporation's radio managers, who discussed careers in graphic arts, photography, journalism, video production, entertainment law, music entrepreneurship and production.
Mellow lower voices declared love and men caroused in their taverns.