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an orange isomer of an unsaturated hydrocarbon found in many plants

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A health-conscious but only partially informed consumer notices an "E" on the description of foods, might put it back on the shelf, because such ingredients are generally considered as unhealthy--however E160a signs carotin, a natural component of carrot.
The unstoppable withering of Lenin's skin was masked with injections of paraffin, glycerin, and carotin, while the unnatural texture and color of the dead flesh were disguised with ultraviolet light and filtered glass.
Carotin Weber, sales director, Hygiene and Wipes, with nonwovens supplier Sandler, agrees that wipes are used in an increasing number of applications, including baby care, cosmetics, medical uses, household and industrial cleaning.
This allows other pigments already present in the leaf but masked by the chlorophyll, eg carotins, to come to the fore and show their true colours.