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Synonyms for triangle

something approximating the shape of a triangle

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a small northern constellation near Perseus between Andromeda and Aries


any of various triangular drafting instruments used to draw straight lines at specified angles

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a percussion instrument consisting of a metal bar bent in the shape of an open triangle

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CONCLUSION: The present case is interesting because of the mode of entry of the foreign body, the way it travels through tonsillar fossa to carotid triangle of the neck, between the IJV and carotid artery.
4) It is skeptical to lodge a wooden in the neck, piercing through the tonsillar fossa and travelling in the carotid triangles, as seen in this case.
The carotid triangle formed between posterior belly of the digastrics muscle and the stylohyoid (Anterosuperiorly) Superior belly of omohyoid (Anteroinferiorly) and Anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (Posteriorly) is defined and the contents (The common carotid artery, the internal carotid artery, the external carotid artery, internal jugular vein, vagus nerve, superior laryngeal branch, spinal accessory nerve) are all being identified.