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Objective: Carotid body tumors (CBTs), especially familial paragangliomas, are rare benign neoplasm, accounting for less than 0.
1) overall morbidity in surgical management of carotid body tumor is approximately 3.
The presence of a pulsatile neck mass located in the region of carotid triangle and generally present for several years should suggest the presence of a carotid body tumor.
In our series, 1 of the 4 patients with a carotid body tumor experienced postsurgical lower cranial nerve deficits.
Schwannoma of the cervical sympathetic chain: It's not a carotid body tumor.
The first case involved a poorly differentiated metastatic carcinoma of oropharyngeal origin that mimicked a carotid body tumor.
High on the list of working differential diagnoses were glomus vagale, schwannoma, neurofibroma, squamous cell carcinoma, and carotid body tumor.
We report a case of an intravagal paraganglioma and a case of a carotid body tumor to illustrate a variable presentation of the former in which it mimicked the latter on preoperative imaging.
The patient underwent preoperative embolization and an uneventful subadventitial dissection of a 3-cm carotid body tumor (figure 2).
Since the swelling was in the anterior neck region, we excluded lateral neck swellings like branchial cysts, solitary lymphatic cysts, and carotid body tumors.
Alternatively, carotid body tumors arise medially at the bifurcations of the common carotid artery; these tumors are intimately attached to the origins of the occipital and ascending pharyngeal arteries (HUBBEN et al.
For example, paragangliomas of the adrenal medulla are pheochromocytomas, and paragangliomas of the carotid bifurcation are carotid body tumors.
The differential diagnosis, especially in the head and neck region, should include other benign lesions such as pleomorphic adenomas, Warthin tumor, schwannoma, carotid body tumors, and inflammatory lymphadenectasis; but malignant tumors such as lymphoma, mucoepidermoid carcinoma, adenoid cystic carcinoma, and metastatic lymph node should also be considered.
INTRODUCTION: Carotid body tumors (CBT) are distinctly uncommon hypervascular neck tumors.