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CT and MRI findings are keys to the diagnosis, and they can be useful in differentiating a carotid body tumor from meningiomas or other neurogenic tumors.
Other investigators (4,7,8) have reported that papillary carcinomas of the thyroid, a leiomyoma, and schwannomas (among others) have appeared as carotid body tumors, but we have not seen any report of an undifferentiated mass that mimicked a carotid body tumor.
Vascular leiomyoma of the carotid sheath simulating a carotid body tumor.
Embolization: An adjunctive measure for removal of carotid body tumors.
Carotid body tumor (chemodectoma) clinicopathologic analysis of ninety cases.
1) overall morbidity in surgical management of carotid body tumor is approximately 3.
A 47 years old woman was found to have a carotid body tumor in an angiographic study (Figure 2a).
The presence of a pulsatile neck mass located in the region of carotid triangle and generally present for several years should suggest the presence of a carotid body tumor.
Among imaging studies, the Color Flow Duplex Scanning (CFDS) is the first for the diagnosis of carotid body tumor and for differential diagnosis, with a high accuracy rate of about 94%.
Some authors (13) believe that the diagnosis of carotid body tumor with ultrasounds is practically made when a mass is present within the carotid bifurcation and there is demonstated that the mass is single or bilateral.
Four of these patients had a carotid body tumor, 2 had a glomus tympanicum tumor, and 3 had a glomus vagale tumor (table).
In our small series, the incidence of carotid body tumors was 44.
The role of Doppler ultrasonography is limited; it is useful for assessment and follow-up of carotid body tumors only.
Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to carotid body tumors.
Carotid body tumors typically present as painless neck masses just lateral to the tip of the hyoid bone.