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any of a class of highly unsaturated yellow to red pigments occurring in plants and animals

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Absorptions, metabolic cycles and accumulations of carotenoid pigments differ according to the fish species.
Air temperature affects biomass and carotenoid pigment accumulation in kale and spinach grown in a controlled environment.
The rapid determination of algal chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments and their breakdown products in natural waters by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.
In a research effects of marine algae Dunaliellasalinainc luding [beta]-caroten and Red yeast phafiarhodozyma including astaxanthin on the nonspecific defense mechanisms of rainbow trout, by Amar et al [1] was indicated that carotenoid pigments resulted serum complement and lysosyme activity increased and consequently total lococyte and phagocytosisincreased [1].
Both firms manufacture feed and food carotenoid pigments, anti-caking agents and mold inhibitors.
has announced the acquisitions of IQF Group of Spain and IQF-ENAMEX of Mexico, both producers of natural carotenoid pigments, essential oils, anti-caking agents as well as mold inhibitors.
a leading animal health and nutrition firm, yesterday announced that it acquired the IQF Group, a Spanish producer of natural carotenoid pigments, essential oils, and other products for the feed industry, as well as a range of human health products under its IQF Nutrition division.
The concentration of carotenoid pigments was determined under semi-darkness conditions as previously described (Sommer et al.
Although other areas of the eye contain significant amounts of specific carotenoid pigments (e.
The second section, covering bio-based industry products, offers 17 chapters on products such as biotechnological production and properties of carotenoid pigments, marine functional ingredients and advanced technology for health food development, and biological synthesis of metal nanoparticles.
The carotenoid pigments (along with a small amount of chlorophyll) were extracted in dichloromethane.
107:1-26), red and yellow ventral feathers are assumed to be colored by carotenoid pigments (Johnsgard 2000.
Carotenoid pigments create yellows, oranges, and greens.