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excess carotene in the blood stream


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The over-consumption of other stone fruits such as peaches can cause carotenemia, a clinical condition of the yellow pigmentation of the skin associated with increased blood carotene levels.
Carotenemia, which is characterized by a yellowing of the skin (especially creases of the palms and soles), but not the sclerae, resembles the yellow skin discoloration in our patient and may be seen after ingestion of more than 30 mg of beta carotene on a daily basis.
Some experts believe carotenemia is harmless, but others warn that a diet consisting of just one thing is dangerous.
Atypical advice for an atypical patient--a 30-year-old man with carotenemia brought on by a self-imposed dietary regimen that included 2-3 pounds of vegetables daily His palms, soles, underarms, and the margins of his nose and mouth took on a yellow-orange coloration several weeks after the dietary overhaul.
Eating too many carrots (or other yellow vegetables) can cause your skin to turn yellow, a harmless condition called carotenemia (kare-uh-teh-Nee-mee-uh) that comes from eating vegetables with lots of carotenoid (Kare-OT-n-oid) pigments.