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Synonyms for carom

to strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected

Synonyms for carom

a glancing rebound

a shot in billiards in which the cue ball contacts one object ball and then the other

make a carom

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Rounding out the nominees are: Maurice Daly (1849-1932), 1883 World Champion of Cushion Caroms, Jerome Keogh (1873-1953), who invented Straight Pool by introducing the break ball and Sang Lee, 49, a Korean carom champion.
In each of four cases, or events, one track caroms off at a new angle after about a millimeter--the giveaway that a tau lepton from the tau neutrino-nucleus impact decayed into another charged particle plus neutral companions.
Cast out by the town's establishment, he caroms between incarceration and several almost unimaginably demeaning jobs until returning to sacrifice himself in a garbage strike that shatters public order.
lack of it probably caroms not only losing a client permanently, but also causes the decline of most marriages throughout the country throughout history.
Mohammed Abdulnabi maintained his unbeaten record in the club's caroms tournament and is presently on top with 14 points.
And while Jackson's adorable-ness caroms nicely off Schmid's pomposity, the two actors are stuck with inferior material.
In the caroms tournament for Mondial Sports Trophy, owned by Abdulla Maraghi, Mohammed Jaffer Abdulnabi lived up to expectations by leading the competition with four points from two 2-0 wins over Danish and Abduljawad.
The movie caroms rather uncomfortably between recognizable and sometimes agonized character-based humor and wacky, cartoonish behavior.
MIRZA Al Sammak and Mohammed Nasser defeated the pair of Dr Sami Danish and Mohammed Jaffer 1-0 in the opening match of the Caroms Ramadan Championship, being organised by the Bahrain Tennis Club at its premises in Juffair.
That's the left-field foul pole - ball hits the south face of the building, it's foul; ball caroms off the east face, it's a home run.
Brodeur didn't have to worry about unyielding caroms off the boards or fallen sticks at the Pond on Saturday.