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The post Green project deters mice from carob trees appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
It is not uncommon for passers-by to pick the edible legumes, relatives of the pea family, of the carob tree to savor its odd combination of dry and sweet flavors.
The municipality of Doueir is thought to have pioneered the idea of planting carob trees in the south.
The nests were installed in carob trees in plots taking part in the project, but also close to livestock in the wider area of the community," a news release said.
The island offers unspoiled countryside dotted with olive groves and fields of melons, vines and carob trees.
When the pupils found out the 39 carob trees around the campus perimeter would be removed, they decided to let the city know just how they felt.
It burned approximately 30 hectares of shrubbery, olive trees and carob trees before being put out late in the evening.
Shrubs, olive, pine and carob trees were all torched during the fire.
A separate fire in Ayios Sylas, Limassol, burned some two square kilometres of wild vegetation, olive and carob trees.
The vast lands of the monastery, which is nearly 8,500 donums, includes 30,000 olive and carob trees, extends up to the sea and is known to be picturesque and idyllic," Mahdessian said in an announcement yesterday.
EIGHT square kilometres of carob trees, olive trees, dry grass and wild vegetation were destroyed after two fires broke out over the weekend between the villages of Anogyra and Ayios Thoma in Limassol.
The fire burned through about one hectare of wild vegetation, olive and carob trees.
It took seven fire engines to bring under control a fire that broke out in the Paphos village of Konia, which had burned around four hectares of wild growth, carob trees and almond trees.
The fire destroyed two hectares of scrubland and burnt an orchard of carob trees.
EMAK Chief Inspector Andreas Loizides from the Fire Service crisis team said the fire burnt four hectares of olive and carob trees and wild scrubland.