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For me, the realization of how much iron a single supernova produces--enough to form hundreds of thousands of Earth-like rocky worlds or cores of gas giants--brings home the metaphor of the carob tree.
The value of the carob tree has increased as a result of its multipurpose use such as Arabic confectionery and drinks, animal feed and human food, microbial protein and as a raw material for industrial processing [39,34,28].
Lushly planted with olive groves, carob trees and fragrant lavender bushes, the 234-hectare development comprises residential villas (one, two and three bedroom villas for private sale), luxury apartments and townhouses.
Stumpy, gnarled carob trees grow among the wheat and barley fields around the village and line the rocky trails that lead into the rolling countryside nearby, and the air was full of birdsong and the scent of orange blossom- a perfect day for walking.
The resort is set on two plateaux on either side of a valley, and its entire 578 acres still play host to ancient olive, cypress and carob trees which are accompanied by many aromatic plants.
Its golf course, testing players of all abilities, is a spectacular sight, expanding through olive and carob trees.
In the San Fernando Valley, when fall-flowering carob trees begin to waft their unique perfume, it is a signal that the worst of the year's heat is over and that fall planting may begin in earnest.
Around them, more than 7,000 olive and carob trees have been planted, together with a variety of bushes and flowers, making the gardens already look as if they've been there for years.
Cypress and olive trees, cork-oaks and pine, almond, citrus and carob trees flourish here, emerging from the steep cliffs or clinging to the rocky ledges.
outsoars, and the shade is deep in the carob trees.
Barely an hour after landing at Faro and we'd been teeing off at Quint a da Ria, the first of two new courses set in the Ria Formosa nature reserve, bordered with olive and carob trees.
I took up watercolour painting about five years ago so I sometimes go out to sketch the almond and carob trees - I had one exhibition and made pounds 150, so I was chuffed.
Yet, the stories of noble resisters in ghettos and death camps, and of outsiders whose deeds of mercy snatched some of God's chosen people from the jaws of death, are memories like carob trees, in whose shade and beauty our spirits are refreshed.
Throughout southern California and the Southwest, there are tens of thousands of carob trees, mostly along streets and in parks.
carob trees are evergreens that thrive in warm regions.