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(used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals

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Tim Bailey, Chairman of the UK Carnivorous Plant Society, tasked with organizing this year's event said: "The event will bring together the biggest display of carnivorous plants ever seen in Europe.
Presence of potential animal prey for carnivorous plants may vary among environments and seasons, so that different populations of plants establish themselves in the presence of particular communities of prey (Zamora et al.
It's been an exciting week for natural historians with the discovery of a new carnivorous plant in the highlands of the central Philippines.
A GIANT carnivorous plant has been discovered by a team of scientists in the central Philippines, and named after Sir David Attenborough.
David and Robert (above) have sketches including Mr Darcy at a freestyle disco and a carnivorous man at a vegetarian dinner party.
However, ant densities are low in tropical montane habitats, thereby limiting the potential benefits of the carnivorous syndrome.
carnivorous (car-niv-o-rous) plants are meat eaters)
The curious world of carnivorous plants; a comprehensive guide to their biology and cultivation.
I MUST CONFESS that I had never heard of Agustfn Gomez-Arcos' The Carnivorous Lamb before learning of this new translation of the book, which was originally published in 1975, but now I want to read all of his works.
Consumers are invited to text a picture or video of themselves indulging their carnivorous side to win one of 100 mobile phones.
Combining the taxonomically diverse, but beautiful and interesting, pitcher-forming carnivorous plants of the Americas into a book was a good idea waiting to happen.
Now available in paperback, Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger (Villard Books, $14.
Animals would get stuck, attracting the attention of hungry carnivorous birds and mammals, some of which would in turn get trapped.
Rather than circumscribe fleshly topics, he tears into them with carnivorous glee: Murderous children are dispatched to the knife drawer, and the "powder kegs between my legs" threaten to messily explode in his trousers.
Dwight Kuhn's lovely close-up photos grace Elaine Pascoe's impressive Nature Close-Up: Carnivorous Plants (1410303-098, $23.