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a translucent red or orange variety of chalcedony


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The beads in this set were made using a range of materials, predominantly carnelian and turquoise, but also nephrite jade, microcline feldspar (amazonite) and other blue-green stones.
I purchase the carnelian and amber rosaries instead of gold.
The stream crosses a flat plaza and falls over a slanted wall of carnelian granite into a reflecting pool.
The dinner will be held at San Francisco's Carnelian Room on the 52nd Floor of the Bank of America Building, 555 California Street, on Tuesday, October 3, 2006, at 7:00 p.
It's not only pleasing to the conscience and the palate; when cooked, Laughing Bird Caribbean White Shrimp turns a deep, carnelian red, and caramelizes beautifully because it's never been frozen.
Under the floor of one of the residential structures was found an astonishing cache of over 350 beads (FIGURE 3), predominantly carnelian but including gold, silver, lapis lazuli, amethyst and rock crystal.
The Embarcadero Center will join such San Francisco landmarks as the Top of The Mark and the Carnelian Room in giving visitors even more of a good thing - a great view.
The students will officially receive the funding this evening at a ceremony attended by top business leaders from the region at the Carnelian Room on the 52nd Floor of 555 California Street in San Francisco.
WHERE: Carnelian Room, Bank of America Center, 52ND Floor, 555 California, San Francisco WHO: Dr.
Other imports include ivory, wooden (possibly ebony), and carnelian beads.
The healthy approach extends into the kitchens and dining rooms as Chef Sandro Gamba creates innovative menus in a range of culinary styles - fine dining at Hampton's for contemporary California cuisine; sushi and authentic Japanese specialities at Onyx with its salt water aquarium and onyx and carnelian accents; The Lobby Lounge for lunch gatherings, afternoon tea and evening cocktails; and The Bar for billiards and libations.
In June-July 2000 a sample collection programme was completed in the extant carnelian mines of Jhagadia Taluka, Broach District, Gujarat, Western India (FIGURE 1).
Festival events will include a lakeside grape stomp at Gar Woods Grill & Pier in Carnelian Bay; Truckee Wine, Walk and Shop; Tahoe City Dine-Around; Blazing Pans Mountain Chef Cook-off; cooking and grilling demonstrations; food and wine pairing seminars; sustainable seafood classes, tastings and celebrity chef dinner.
The excavation revealed nine prehistoric burials and over 300 artefacts including, ceramic vessels, glass beads, grinding stones, carnelian beads, bronze bangles, and iron tools and weapons.